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Hey, it's Billy. I'm the founder of and a BJCP beer judge.

It's true: This upcoming Fall 2017 class will be the last time our Beer Tasting Mastery online course is offered.

So if you've wanted to join in the past but just never pulled the trigger, now's the time to enroll. Plus we've got some sweet new things planned for this final round.

Not familiar with the BTM course?

It's an online training specifically designed to develop your beer palate.


  • ​Taste the same beer at the same time alongside a BJCP judge (yours truly) and your fellow classmates
  • Compare your notes to mine and everyone in the chat room
  • Train your palate to detect subtle flavors you may have overlooked in the past
  • Learn how to describe what you're tasting and articulate WHY a beer is worth drinking
  • Train your palate to identify off-flavors in your own beers and commercial beers

Don't worry, you don't need to have a good palate to join. That's actually the point of the class: to train your palate. Beer tasting is a skill you can learn, and it's easier than you might think.

You also don't need to have any prior knowledge about beer. ​This class is for any beer lover, from the newbie to the expert.

Over 800 homebrewers and craft beer lovers have graduated from Beer Tasting Mastery and their results have been phenomenal. You can hear from them in their own words on the "Our Graduates" tab up above.

Now, let me show you what's included in the Beer Tasting Mastery class.

What You Get When You Enroll Today

Live Tastings

​You and I and the rest of your classmates will taste the same beer together! Here's how it works...

When it's time for the tasting, I'll email you a link to join our private webinar. You don't need to download any software. All you need is a good internet connection. If you can watch YouTube videos on your computer, your connection is good enough.

When you click the link to join the webinar, this is what you'll see:

I'll be live on camera and you'll join everyone else in the chat room. 

Then, I'll walk you through that session's beer and we'll all compare notes as a class. It's fun! And having so many beer drinkers describe what they're tasting is extremely useful for honing your skills.

I'll help you pick out the unique flavors and show you where those flavors come from. You'll notice your palate improving after just the first session.

Click on the "Schedule" tab at the top of this page for our live tasting dates.​

Beer Education

It's not enough to have a sharp palate. To become a confident beer drinker, you need the knowledge that goes along with it. That's why you get educational presentations each week  of class. You can watch these on your own schedule, as time permits.

Learn about classic beer regions what to look for in their beer styles. Plus do a deep dive into how the different ingredients affect a beer's flavor.

Tasting Challenges

If you've ever struggled to find the right word to describe your beer, this feature of the class was designed for you.

Each week, you'll fine tune your palate using fun at-home challenges . In fact, your very first task after joining the course is to perform the the first training exercise. You can do it today, if you want. It will give you a baseline for your tasting abilities. Then, after class, you can go back and see how much you've improved.​

Our students have a blast with this part of the program. Many even compete as husband vs. wife to see who has the sharper "spidey senses."

Make sure to choose a fun prize for the winner!

Friendly competition aside, after just a couple sessions you'll notice how much easier it is to pick out flavors. When you combine these three tasting strategies, you drastically shorten the tasting learning curve.

Our tasting challenges give you a fun way to learn the different flavors in beer.

The Beer Tasting Mastery Certification

BTM students have been asking for a certification for a long time and it's finally ready! Complete the class and you'll get your very own certificate with your name on it. Check it out!

Fall 2017 Bonuses

Bonus Course
Call It Your Own Recipe Design Course (normally $99)

Our recipe creation course, named Call It Your Own, is the perfect companion to Beer Tasting Mastery. It's packed with training videos, cheat sheets, worksheets, and resources all designed to help you create your very own beer recipes.

When we teach this course it costs $99 to enroll, but it's included for free with the Fall 2017 Beer Tasting Mastery class.​

Bonus Seminar
How to Take Your Homebrew From Good to Great, with Gordon Strong

Gordon Strong is arguably the top homebrewer in the world. He is the only three-time winner of the National Homebrew Competition's coveted Ninkasi Award. He's also the highest ranking beer judge in the BJCP and the only Grandmaster Level VII judge.

Gordon and I speak for almost an hour about how to take your homebrew from good to great. As the world's top beer judge, no one knows what separates good homebrew from great homebrew quite like Gordon.

  • ​The critical skill you must nail down before you can make big gains in your beer quality
  • Gordon's very specific answer to the question: "What % of your recipes do you get right on the first try?
  • "Why "balance" is such a misinterpreted term in homebrewing and the jazz band metaphor that explains how to get the balance right in your beer
  • What a "clean fermentation" (another widely misunderstood term) really means & why if you get this wrong, your brew will always taste "off"
  • Gordon's advice on tweaking your brewing water (this falls outside the mainstream)
  • What's the difference between a beer that scores a 40 in a competition versus one that scores a 48? Gordon reveals the most common quality found in top-scoring homebrews

Bonus Seminar
Everything You Wanted to Know About Becoming a Beer Judge, with Jeremy Short

Jeremy Short is a BJCP National ranked beer judge. Jeremy and I actually went through the BJCP exam process together and in this talk, years later, we reflect back on that experience. We talk about what worked and what didn't.

  • The step- by -step timeline for becoming a BJCP judge
  • The first thing to do when you decide you want to become a judge
  • How to get a jump start on your BJCP training
  • The inner workings of a homebrew competition
  • 3 simple ways to put yourself ahead of the pack when entering beer competitions

Bonus Seminar
Train Your Senses Like a Professional Perfumer, with Joel Wilson

Perfumers are a kinda mysterious.

Not many people know about them, but they have the best noses in the world.

In fact, Joel's nickname is "The Nose."And as you'll hear perfumer Joel Wilson say in this interview, there are people in his industry who can smell lavender oil and tell you what the weather was like the day the lavender was harvested.

Do you think he has some knowledge that could help beer drinkers train their senses? You're right.

  • The surprising truth about how your DNA affects your ability to pick up aromas
  • Joe's "Floating Room" metaphor that you can use to detect flavors within other flavors
  • Why Joel says you should never sniff your beer
  • The object inside your home that makes for an easy palate training tool

Bonus Tool
Beer Review Templates

Think about all the places you talk about beer: Untappd, to friends, in your personal journal, on blogs...

And while BTM gives you tasting skills, sometimes you need a little help putting words on paper. These templates are the answer.

They don't tell you what flavors to say. That's up to your palate & where the BTM training will really help. The templates give you formulas to follow so you communicate what you taste so that others understand you -- and may want to have what you're having.

  • Templates for quick reviews like on Untappd and Twitter
  • Templates for longer reviews like RateBeer or BeerAdvocate
  • Templates for more straightforward "just the facts" style reviews
  • Templates for elegant, mouthwatering reviews that bring the drinking experience to life
  • Even templates spoken reviews. If you want to describe a beer to your friend in a few words, this is what you say.

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  • At-home tasting challenges
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