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For Craft Beer Drinkers: An interactive online course to train your palate

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"An online beer tasting course? How does that work?"

We know, it sounds kinda strange. Here's how it works...

The tastings are held over live webinars. You and the rest of the students will log into the webinar and see the instructor (a certified beer judge) on camera. And you'll bring with you the beer for that week. Yes, everyone in the class tastes the same beer at the same time!

That's the power of this tasting format. All you need is a beer, a glass, and your computer. And you'll learn how to evaluate your beer from right there on your couch. It doesn't get better than that.

Meet Your Teacher

Billy Broas is a BJCP beer judge, homebrewer for 10+ years, has been featured on PBS as a beer expert, and is the founder of the popular website

He designed this unique training course to give any craft beer drinker the skills to talk about beer with total confidence. 

Who's Beer Tasting Mastery For?


Identify and fix off-flavors so you brew better tasting beer
Learn how different ingredients affect your beer's flavor
Tailor your recipes to your unique tastes
Kyle Dumont
Class of June 2015
" I have significantly improved my ability to parse beer. Highly recommended for folks looking to develop their pallet into a homebrewing tool or those simply looking to find a little more enjoyment in that sip."

Listen to what a long time homebrewer has to say about the course.

Passionate Craft Beer Drinkers

Learn how to describe WHY you like or don't like a beer
Pick up subtle flavors you've previously missed
Heighten your enjoyment of every pint
James Rutledge
Class of July 2016
"The course was most beneficial for me because it opened up my evaluation to tasting all of the flavors in a beer, not just the prominent ones. I had little to no focus on the more subtle flavors. Now I notice even the slightest maltiness in the hoppiest of IPA's."

Beer Industry Professionals

Give yourself a better shot at landing a job in the beer industry
Prep for the Cicerone and BJCP exams
Speak about beer with confidence when you're among clients, customers, and bosses
Tara Nurin
Class of November 2015

"Although I write professionally about beer (and am a Certified Beer Server and a provisional BJCP judge), I feel that my tasting abilities are my weak point. 

Through our assignments and classes, I honestly improved my skills! I learned so much and had so much fun that I hosted a blind ingredient tasting for my beer-savvy girlfriends using our class materials."

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